Saturday, 28 August 2010


so iv just read the killing joke and all i can say is; WOW
i was stunned over the art work especially the page spread when he goes insane, amazing, truely mesmorised by the joker! hes just so insane, some of the stuff he comes out with and how he recalls his past i say and quote "some times i remember it one way, some times another, hey if i choose to remember it i prefer it to be multipul choise!"
amazing book, a must read for those who are interested into the back ground of the Joker

so iv just bought "The dark knight returns" another highly recomended book, so i cant wait to have a read through that, will probably post an update once iv gave it a good read.


  1. Nice first post! I've always been interested in reading that particular book, but I've never gotten around to it.

    And thanks for the add!

  2. nice killing joke is amazing but i don;t recommend the dark knight strikes back. it sucks so bad